Bosco Images


This year I joined the BOSCO Boise Artist Collective and will take part in their open studio event.  They asked for a number of things for their website and marketing materials including an artist portrait and a studio shot.  And some images of my work.  I have a brilliant photographer neighbor who came over and took my picture and made me look much better than I really look.  Here’s the portrait along with my studio space and the images I submitted for the website.





New Biggish Piece

This new painting is 24X48″.  I bought the canvas the other day and then used a white modeling paste to both smooth out the canvas bumps, which I don’t care for, and give the painting texture in some places.  Then I used red, pink, and orange acrylic paint for the underpainting.  You will see in my pics that I took my big ol painting and my aluminum easel on location and did a sketch On paper and then used charcoal to sketch my image onto the canvas.  Then I sprayed it with a fixative.IMG_1732IMG_1741IMG_1739IMG_1740IMG_1738IMG_1729This last painting is the finished plein air tree painting that I did the other day.  I was a study for this bigger one I’m doing.


Huntington Beach

IMG_0246IMG_0465During our Southern California trip we made our way to Huntington  Beach on a perfect 75 degree spring day, with about 10,000 other people.  It was warm, blue skies, and lots of people to watch.  My kids loved playing in the water even though the lifeguards worked hard to scare all the swimmers out of the rip tide.  The ocean was pretty wild.  My husband ran along the beach for an hour and I sat and watched the kids and everyone else on the beach.  For lunch we walked down the pier to Ruby’s Diner and got take out and sat on the pier to eat it.

As I walked out the pier I saw the exact scene my friend Geoff Krueger painted and took a picture.  Geoff moved to Idaho from Southern California and has painted many wonderful California landscapes.