Bosco Images


This year I joined the BOSCO Boise Artist Collective and will take part in their open studio event.  They asked for a number of things for their website and marketing materials including an artist portrait and a studio shot.  And some images of my work.  I have a brilliant photographer neighbor who came over and took my picture and made me look much better than I really look.  Here’s the portrait along with my studio space and the images I submitted for the website.






IMG_0464I started this mother/daughter portrait last week and look forward to working on it more when it dries.   I’ll add to their features and I will use glazes to bring up the chroma and hopefully bring them to life.  I also look forward to playing around with those people and dog playing in the water behind them.

The photo I’m working with is backlight which makes the painting a little tricky, but I love the light on the girls arm and knee and the area between the 2 figures where light is shining through the moms sheer pink sleeve.

Cousin Portrait

Family Portrait_lores 2

18X24″ oil on canvas

This family portrait is all done, photographed, and shipped off to the grandparents.  They love it.  This was a gift from my friend to her patents for their 50th wedding anniversary.  I worked from 2 different photographs to put it together.  One of the kids all together and one of the North Carolina fair scene.  My friend wanted to have a portrait of the kids with their favorite family spot behind them.  I love seeing all their smiling faces and the bright warm colors of their clothes and the evening light on their skin.  I also like the that little girl in the middle is wearing stripes and she has one side of her hair in a pony tail and the other side of her hair is down and her pony tail holder is wrapped around her finders.  Its what girls do.

Brothers and Cezanne

IMG_0433This one is pretty much done.  I say pretty much done because I feel like I still need to take a closer look at the older boy.  But their mom loves it, so I’m in good shape.  I was a little worried about how thick and rough this one was getting.  It has a lot of paint and texture, and not a lot of finesse. But then I compared it with the Cezanne portrait I saw at the Getty Center and felt like it was pretty smooth compared to that.  I don’t compare myself to Cezanne often, or really, ever.  But when I saw his bold choppy brush strokes on this guy’s face, I thought to myself, “well, I guess I can do whatever the heck I want to,”. Cezanne did.  His portrait work is not at all precious.  I will need to find someone I want to have revenge on and paint a Cezannesque portrait of them.  I’m kidding.  But that is what Cezannes friend said of his portraits, that it was like he was taking revenge on his subject for some unseen offense.IMG_0390