Ducks at Julia Davis Park

5X7″ oil on panel The color looks so different outside!  And yes, I love my little Gorilla Painting Box.  Although I used a bigger palette, who could possible use such a tiny palette?  But I had a limited selection of colors because not many tubes fit😀.  It might be to my benefit!


Art in the Bar Show

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement about the show today.  In my opinion it was a great success.  A lot of people came through, I met a bunch of great people, learned some things, and sold some of my work.  I got a lot of kind feedback.  You can’t ask for too much moreContinue reading “Art in the Bar Show”

New Etsy Listings and a gallery of my little 2017 paintings

I just listed these two still life’s on Etsy.  You can hop over and check them out HERE. So far, these are my small 2017 4×4 and 4×5″ daily paintings.