Today’s trees

imageHere we have today’s fall trees.  This little landscape feels very happy to me, maybe it’s the googly eyed fire hydrant.  There was a chain on the hydrant connecting the 2 white spouts that looked like a smile but I painted it out when I did some shading.  I might need to put that back in. 😀🍁🍂🌿🍃🌲🌳🎄

Trees by the river

imageHere’s today’s trees.  This morning  I went running along the Boise River greenbelt with some friends and the reflections of the trees in the river caught my attention.  This is a first hit, I’ll put some more time into it to see where it goes.  I’m way out in new territory with these trees and landscapes.  The white/gray sky is a little too sad for me, so I’ll change that some.

Today’s Tree


This morning I was at the dog park and noticed how beautiful the trees were with the sun shining through from behind.  I painted it this evening.  I’ll go back when it’s dry and work out the light coming through a little more.  See the garbage can?  Very important for a dog park.

I’m going to start painting trees.  And maybe trees and people together.  I want to do one a day through the fall.  I’ll sell any of them, please send me a message if interested.

This one is for sale.  5X7″  $90





Collecting Shells


My painting of my daughter collecting shells is nearly done.  I’m still working out a few things.  As I was painting her shirt yellow (at her request) I realized that the shirt was one of the first things I’ve painted yellow.  I felt like I was really branching out.😉

I looked through  my paintings to see if I’ve ever painted anything yellow.  I found a yellow tree that I painted last fall.Fall Tree_lores