Switching my site

Hi everyone,

I have decided to change my site from a blog to more of a gallery.  I will be listing my paintings there as a place to keep a record of my work and to offer pieces for sale.

Thank you for following along these past 2 year and for all your likes and kind comments.  They were are appreciated.  Hop on over to instagram to follow my work, and come check out my new website.  It’s s bit of a mess now, but soon I’ll have it together.  It will have the same URL as this site.  jillmillwardartwork.com

Happy creating!




IMG_3146.JPGI painted this for my friend and her parents. During the fires in Northern CA, their family home burned to the ground along with all their neighbors homes.  Her parents barely escaped and all they took with them was their beloved dog Mandy.  Gratefully, My friends parents and Mandy survived.

11×14 oil on canvas


To get ready for my Christmas show I have been painting some new small paintings.  So far I’ve painted 4 – 5″ paintings and 3 of them have sold!  Today I bought 4 new 5″ canvases to paint a set of birds.

The singing robin is available.  5×5″ oil on deep edge canvas.  Looks great either sitting on a shelf or hanging.  $75

Show on the Road!

It’s time to get this show (back) on the road!

I’ve been busy.  But we are all still here and running every which way.  I just have to laugh at how often I need to be in 2 or 3 places at the same time these days.  Mostly it’s chauffeur work.

But I always find a few hours a day to paint, and I’m learning to play the piano.  Which I love.

Here are some things I’ve painted recently.  I’ve been asked to paint quite a few dog portraits.  People love their doggies.  I’m currently working on 3 more of them.

These 3 are finished.



IMG_251324X24″ oil on canvas

I’ve been working away at this piece whenever I get a chance this busy summer.  This is a view of Tablerock looking over the greenbelt, trees, and golf course.  I haven’t yet  really defined the greenbelt that runs through the dry grass. I’ll get to that tomorrow.  I’m thinking of putting in some little walkers or bikers.  And I’ll try to give the trees in the middle distance a little more character.  I started this one Plein Air and was standing under a big pine tree, so I put a few of those branches poking in.  The air quality has been bad here because of wildfires around the state, so I’ve worked on this in the studio quite a bit.  I’d like to get back outside with it to paint some more on it on location.

Doggie and Driving

IMG_2011What happened to me?  I have been so busy with summer/kid things that I practically forgot that I have a blog!

Here’s a dog portrait that I recently finished.  This is a cute little mini labradoodle named Suki.

We have been really busy here.  Both my boys just got their drivers permits and are now on the open roads learning to drive.  It’s the most terrifying thing I have ever done.  My nerves are a little frazzled.  They have to drive with us for at least 50 hours or 6 months before getting their drivers licenses.