Greeting Cards


Last week I took in almost 40 painting to the art print reproduction place in town to have them scanned.  From there they can make high quality Giclee prints and greeting cards.  I organized my paintings by theme so I can make card sets of 8 with 2 or each of the 4 I’ve chosen.  This one above is my winter critter set, I think.  I’ve already forgotten how I organized.

Below is my set of fruit cards.

And this is my set of California beach cards.

And I think I’m doing a set of just rabbits.

Or maybe birds.



California Oak Trees

img_9414I want to run down this path into the California green grass  and oak trees.

A friend and fellow Northern Californian asked me to paint this NorCal oak tree scene for her.  Spring and Summer in this area are always so lush and green, bright green.  Bright- bright- green.  I miss it so much, especially during southwest Idaho winters.  Up north there are beautiful pine trees, but not in Boise.

I’ve been working on this one for a little while.  Today I worked on it some more and may have finished it.  I’m going to let it dry and then take another look at it.  At first I thought I was getting carried away with the bright green, but honestly I’m not.  This is what it really looks like there…to me.

I hope my friend likes it!  She was one of my teammates on the UCD gymnastics team.  She was always the life of the party.



Time for a New Bouquet

These are the flowers I bought last week to use as a still life.  It was a much fuller bouquet and one by one the flowers have been dying and I have been plucking them out.  Now I’m down to just 3 ranunculus and the greenery.  If I touch the ranunculus the petals fall off.

I’ve painted this bouquet a bunch of different ways.  I mainly use it as inspiration but don’t have much interest in copying exactly.  I’ve put a lot of time and mental energy into a very tight and exacting family portrait commission with 7 kids, so I enjoy painting flowers and not worrying about getting all their petals in the right place.

It’s time to get some different colored flowers.  I’ve done 9 paintings with pink flowers.