24×24″ oil on canvas There’s not too much I can say about these abstract paintings I’ve been working out, other than I’ve been thinking a lot about them and how I can represent musical patterns and expressions through painting.  When I feel myself getting tight and when it’s looking too clean and precious, I messContinue reading “Abstract”

Plein air Sage and Foothills

Yesterday was beautiful here in Boise so I went out and painted in the foothills.  But right when I got set up and started I realized that I had forgotten my white paint.  So I decided to see how far I could get without it.  I had Naples yellow, so that helped some.   SoContinue reading “Plein air Sage and Foothills”

Boise Foothills WIP

24X30″ oil on canvas Here’s a work in progress.  It started out as a surreal thing with an elk head with antlers floating in the sky above the foothills.  I lived with it like that for a few weeks and decided the elk was just too cute with its big eyes and ears.  So IContinue reading “Boise Foothills WIP”

Spring Hills

Soon soon soon the hills will look like this!  I’m looking forward to it.  I want to get back to this location and paint it “plein air.”  I painted this one from a foto a friend took, I think she took it during a walk with her doggie in the middle of winter.  Everything wasContinue reading “Spring Hills”