New Etsy Listings

Hi there.  I just got these images back from being scanned so I’m ready to sell the originals and can make prints of a bunch of my little and big paintings.  And I have a record for myself of what I’ve done.  That’s always exciting.  And the professional photos are always so much better thanContinue reading “New Etsy Listings”

Art in the Bar Show

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement about the show today.  In my opinion it was a great success.  A lot of people came through, I met a bunch of great people, learned some things, and sold some of my work.  I got a lot of kind feedback.  You can’t ask for too much moreContinue reading “Art in the Bar Show”

Surreal Rabbit

This one looks a little better in person than in the photo.  I sat down today in front of a little 5″ white canvas with nothing in mind about what to paint, other than I’m on a rabbit streak, and this happened.  I think it’s fun. Tomorrow I’m showing my work at a local artContinue reading “Surreal Rabbit”

Better in Black and White

  Sometimes paintings look better in black and white, this is for sure one of those cases. I’m going to take a second shot at this one when it dries. I thought I’d share a bit of my Critterscape process.  Nothing groundbreaking, I sketch with paint and then paint.  I once heard someone say thatContinue reading “Better in Black and White”