Art in the Bar Show

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement about the show today.  In my opinion it was a great success.  A lot of people came through, I met a bunch of great people, learned some things, and sold some of my work.  I got a lot of kind feedback.  You can’t ask for too much moreContinue reading “Art in the Bar Show”

New Etsy Listings and a gallery of my little 2017 paintings

I just listed these two still life’s on Etsy.  You can hop over and check them out HERE. So far, these are my small 2017 4×4 and 4×5″ daily paintings.


Another snow day today!  I’m wondering how Margaret of Yuba Gold is fairing in river country Northern California.  My sisters in Chico, Sebastopol, and Ukiah CA are about to float away.  No school for Ukiah kids due to flooding. I painted our dog today.  I was going to paint my sisters cute little Maltipoo butContinue reading “Bandit”

Dog Portrait-finished

16X20 oil on canvas I finished Mr. Cooper today!  You all have seen him already but I will tell you what I changed today before declaring him finished.  Because at this point, adding more will just be more. Here’s what I did… I added a halo of light on his tail, rump, head and backContinue reading “Dog Portrait-finished”

Dog Portrait

16×20 oil on canvas This is the rest of the dog portrait that I was talking about yesterday when I only showed the very top of castle rock.  I’ve been working away at the doggie and he is getting there.  I still need to put a fringe on his tail and work out a few more thingsContinue reading “Dog Portrait”

Can I “reblog” your work? Guest Artist.

Art reblog Tuesday! How about you “like” this post if you wouldn’t mind me reblogging and showing one of your paintings on my blog.?.?  It’s not a competition, I just have a nice community of artists growing and I thought I would enjoy sharing, and others would like to see.  You know, sharing and supporting oneContinue reading “Can I “reblog” your work? Guest Artist.”