Ezra 5X7 oil on cradled panel NFS
Eowyn 9X12 (NFS) also Traffic Box at 8th and Myrtle, Downtown Boise 30X60X15
Millward Bogner Kids on the Beach at MacKerricher State Park, CA 36X60 (NFS you’d have to fight my sister for it)
Atticus 9X12 (sold)
Ruby 9X12 (sold)
Lucy 8X10 (NFS)
Karly 9X12 (sold)
Cade 9X12 (sold)
Sonrisa Sophia Jane 9X12 (NFS)
Sisters Sophia and Gabriella 12X15 (NFS)
Cutie Pie (NFS)
Ballet Idaho, Ballet 1 (NFS)
Ballet 3 Eowyn 36X48 (NFS)
Ballet 3 Study 3X4″ (NFS)
Family Portrait 18X24 (sold)
Clamming 24X36 (sold)
Millward Kids in the Clouds Triptych 18X36 (NFS)
Ethan and Sam 11X14 (NFS)
Millward Bogner Cousins 36X48 (NFS)
Eowyn Mendocino, California 18X24 (NFS)
Josie Bogner 12X12 (NFS)
Sammy in the Clouds 12X18 (NFS)
Santa Cruz Ruby 12X18 (NFS you’d have to talk to my cousin)
Beachy Santa Cruz 10X20 (sold)
Girl on Santa Cruz Beach 18X24 (available)
SISTERS! Jill and Jeni 24X30, I’m holding the red shovel (NFS)
Family Portrait 30X60 (available and fabulous)
Riley 24X24 (NFS)
Josie 24X24 (NFS)
Mason 24X24 (NFS)

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