Boise Foothills and Runners

I started on my Foothills and Runners painting today.  This one is already a fun one to paint and I am looking forward to working on it more.  The composition is such that I can feel myself in their space, but then again, I was in their space right behind them taking the picture.  When IContinue reading “Boise Foothills and Runners”

New Painting

Hi friends!  I am so happy to say that I completely finished the Maine beach scene and my client (I don’t like that word, but what else works?) came by my studio and loved it and said that each kid looks like themselves.  She is picking it up on Tuesday to take it to theContinue reading “New Painting”

Figure 1 has a face now

Hooray!  This buff little guy has a face now!  He was the first figure I painted in, you might remember, and I got to his face and made a few attempts at it but didn’t know what direction to take with all their faces.  So I moved on from him.  Now I’ve come back andContinue reading “Figure 1 has a face now”