Cat and Dog Portraits

Cupcake 5X7 oil on panel NFS
Griffon 11X14 oil on canvas SOLD
Archie 6X8 (sold)
Lucy 6X8 (sold)
Olive in the Snow 4X5″ (sold)
Quesadilla 4X4″ (sold)
Family Portrait 30X60″ (available)
Bandit 4X4 (NFS)
Baily 8X10 (sold)
Sukie 8X8 (sold)
Ottis Love 8X8 (sold)
Sig’s Cuties 11X14 (sold)
Fancy Girl 8X10 (sold)
Cooper 16X20 (sold)
Krum 6X8 (NFS)

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