Still Life Workshop

  Today I attended a still life workshop.  There were 3 different still life’s set up around the room.  I did something with each still life.  With the lemon still life I first did an abstract, which is really my first abstract painting and I loved doing it. And I love it’s simplicity.  It justContinue reading “Still Life Workshop”

Art in the Bar Show

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement about the show today.  In my opinion it was a great success.  A lot of people came through, I met a bunch of great people, learned some things, and sold some of my work.  I got a lot of kind feedback.  You can’t ask for too much moreContinue reading “Art in the Bar Show”

Time for a New Bouquet

These are the flowers I bought last week to use as a still life.  It was a much fuller bouquet and one by one the flowers have been dying and I have been plucking them out.  Now I’m down to just 3 ranunculus and the greenery.  If I touch the ranunculus the petals fall off.Continue reading “Time for a New Bouquet”