Bosco Images


This year I joined the BOSCO Boise Artist Collective and will take part in their open studio event.  They asked for a number of things for their website and marketing materials including an artist portrait and a studio shot.  And some images of my work.  I have a brilliant photographer neighbor who came over and took my picture and made me look much better than I really look.  Here’s the portrait along with my studio space and the images I submitted for the website.





Plein Air on a warm day


Today was so nice!  It’s warm, not windy, and I enjoyed painting the pretty sky.  In fact, I enjoyed painting the sky so much that in this painting I think it totally out does the land.  I wish it was all sky.  I’ll try that sometime.


So what do you think?  I’m trying to paint loosely but don’t want it to look just like a big mess.  This one is 11X14 on a panel.

After I did this I had time to paint a little 6X6″ with the paint already on the 🎨.

IMG_1043I accidentally got a little grey in the sky, I’ll clean that up when it dries.