Dog Portrait-finished

16X20 oil on canvas I finished Mr. Cooper today!  You all have seen him already but I will tell you what I changed today before declaring him finished.  Because at this point, adding more will just be more. Here’s what I did… I added a halo of light on his tail, rump, head and backContinue reading “Dog Portrait-finished”

And my next painting

It seems to be a 2 post morning for me.  Yesterday I went running with my group.  The sky was really clear and the hills were green, blue, bumpy, and beautiful.  As I was running along I saw this gorgeous landscape ahead of me and jumped off to the side and let everyone pass and took this photo.Continue reading “And my next painting”

Dog Portrait

16×20 oil on canvas This is the rest of the dog portrait that I was talking about yesterday when I only showed the very top of castle rock.  I’ve been working away at the doggie and he is getting there.  I still need to put a fringe on his tail and work out a few more thingsContinue reading “Dog Portrait”

The Work of Ethan Millward!

On Saturday my son finished his Mammoth painting and asked me if I would feature his work on my blog today.  He was pretty proud of it.  This first painting of his is of our chicken Penny.  I love his chicken paintings,  he painted 3 of our 5 backyard chickens.  This kid can draw waaaaaaaayContinue reading “The Work of Ethan Millward!”

Lots of Stuff Going

  I have a bunch of stuff in the works right now but nothing completely finished to show today.  So I thought I’d show you all this new painting I started and a little about the process that I’ve started using more and more. Scraping back. The first time I tried scraping paint back IContinue reading “Lots of Stuff Going”

Doggie Portrait WIP

First, thank you for all the kind comments on yesterdays’s post of the kids on the Oregon beach!  All much appreciated. Now, this cute doggie is taking shape.  I’ve only included this close of up of his face because  the person I’m painting it for hasn’t seen any of it and I’d love for herContinue reading “Doggie Portrait WIP”

Oregon Coast

18×24 oil on canvas I’m all done with this one and I am so happy with how it turned out, I’m not sure I want to part with it.  I’m sorta sad to finish because I was having such a good time watching these kids come to life.  And this is the piece that I struggledContinue reading “Oregon Coast”

The Work of Vicki Hutchins

? Just after Christmas, I read a great book by Ian Roberts called Creative Authenticity.  I highly recommend it if you’re an arty farty type. Reading it gave me such a sense of affirmation and renewed belief that my approach to creating work and my processes were authentic, to me at least.  In fact, I would…

Katie Peak WIP

This might look familiar!  But it’s a new little 8×10 that I started tonight.  I blocked in the most basic colors and values.  I like the warm start that it’s off to.  The foothill painting I did for the art auction was square and 8×8 and I thought it would look better on a rectangular canvasContinue reading “Katie Peak WIP”