Dog Portrait


16×20 oil on canvas

This is the rest of the dog portrait that I was talking about yesterday when I only showed the very top of castle rock.  I’ve been working away at the doggie and he is getting there.  I still need to put a fringe on his tail and work out a few more things with him.  I also need to lighten up and grey down that back mountain up at the top to make it disappear.  I’ll try to make it look like it’s farther “back there.”  This painting has been tricky because the reference photo is a picture that the owner took.  It was taken in late summer so the grass on the hill was all dry and dead and the same colors as the dog.  The dog had just been shaved so he looked different than he normally does.  The owner wanted to capture a memory of her dog loving to climb up on this rock and pose.  I went out and reshot the area 3 or so weeks ago so I could bring in spring colors.  I reshot the dog because his owner likes how he looks when his hair is grown out.  I’m still working to get him to look like himself.  When he was shaved he looked like a lab or a shaved golden retriever.  He is a golden doodle,  I think.  He’s a beloved family pet.


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  1. Before reading your post I thought poodle mix when I saw the dog. Looks great! I’ve been wanting to paint my own dog for a while now, but I have to finish current projects first.

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