My favorite tool

I thought I’d share with you my favorite tool for figure drawing.  It’s that little measuring thing.  I don’t know what it’s called.  I find a part of the figure, like her head, and measure it and then scale everything to it.  I fought with this gals left arm because I didn’t measure it quiteContinue reading “My favorite tool”

The Work of Ethan Millward!

On Saturday my son finished his Mammoth painting and asked me if I would feature his work on my blog today.  He was pretty proud of it.  This first painting of his is of our chicken Penny.  I love his chicken paintings,  he painted 3 of our 5 backyard chickens.  This kid can draw waaaaaaaayContinue reading “The Work of Ethan Millward!”

Sketch for new painting-Cypress Trees

New sketch, excited to see where this painting goes. Why the red X?  Because after sketching I  decided to take out the Mercedes SUV.  Nothing against that car, it’s just crowding the bottom of the picture and doesn’t “let you into the painting.”  OR, maybe I’ll paint this picture with the front car and put a bigContinue reading “Sketch for new painting-Cypress Trees”

Spring Break-Day 4

Any guesses where we went next?  I have a few more Spring Break day trips to paint and blog about.  After hanging around Ukiah for a couple of days we decided to take a day trip to San Francisco.  SF is 100 miles south of Ukiah straight down 101.  Growing up I made that trip many times withContinue reading “Spring Break-Day 4”