And my next painting


It seems to be a 2 post morning for me.  Yesterday I went running with my group.  The sky was really clear and the hills were green, blue, bumpy, and beautiful.  As I was running along I saw this gorgeous landscape ahead of me and jumped off to the side and let everyone pass and took this photo.  I always run with my iPhone so I can track my runs thru a GPS app, and so I can take pics like this.  I’ve been wanting to paint my group running out in the hills.  I’ve taken a lot of pics of them but they move away from me pretty fast and nothing has turned out yet.  But here even the dogs behaved.  They were pretty far away when I took this picture but I cropped it and pulled them back closer.  This is about half the gals and there is another dog off trail out of frame.  I’m going to sketch this out today and see where it goes.  Yesterday one of these ladies asked me if I would paint a painting of the group in the hills for her, I had already taken this pic when she asked me.  Then another asked if I’d do a family portrait action shot for her parents of all the grandkids.  We’re trying to figure that one out.  It’s all exciting and a little scary.  I’ll keep you in the loop.  Aren’t they beautiful?


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  1. Yes! What an awesome photo!!! I used to be a runner and so miss it! Can’t do it anymore because of arthritis. Walking is painful too but I’m trying to work at it a little each day. So I look forward to your painting, Jill! And I believe it will be FABULOUS!!! You go girl!! 🌟🌟🌟

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  2. Thanks for sharing this photo Jill. I was wondering where you guys run and the place is breathtakingly beautiful! My husband will be thrilled to see this and maybe envious too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how the painting goes.

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  3. My gosh I want your life! That’s going to make a super painting, can’t wait to see what you do with it. I used to run, only between 10 – 20 miles over the course of a week, and I wasn’t particularly fast (nearly a 10 minute miler! ) but I loved it. For the last few years I’ve had poor health and had to give it up, but I still crave that, right there in your photo. Beautiful!

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