The Work of Vicki Hutchins

Hi everyone! If you are not already following Vicki, you should hop over to her site and check out the work she is doing. She has painted a collection of beautiful abstract landscapes that will knock your socks off. She also has a shop connected to her blog where you can buy a print of many of her original paintings. I love this painting of Vicki’s that I have reblogged, the colors, brushstrokes, and suggested forms speak to me.

Just after Christmas, I read a great book by Ian Roberts called Creative Authenticity.  I highly recommend it if you’re an arty farty type.

Reading it gave me such a sense of affirmation and renewed belief that my approach to creating work and my processes were authentic, to me at least.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that, being self taught, I actually congratulated myself on how far I’d come.  Well, you know how smugness pride comes before a fall and all that…

Fast forward to now.  Creating anything I’m satisfied with is a memory long gone it seems.  Actually, that’s not true – I love painting my abstracts, choosing the colours, the emotion, the mark making, tuning in to myself so that I can produce some un-named feeling that I didn’t realise existed till I saw it on the canvas.

The reason for this abrupt desertion…

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8 thoughts on “The Work of Vicki Hutchins

  1. Jill! I’m blown away for the shout out! That’s so kind of you, that hit me right in the feels!
    And I so appreciate the feedback, coming from you, the queen of brush work! What an amazing community wordpress is – I had no idea it would be so community oriented. People are so friendly and supportive, and I like that!
    Thank you so much again Jill!

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