Clamming in Maine

I’m so excited to have the professionally scanned image to share with you on my blog.  I wanted to wait until the painting was given as a gift before posting it so I wouldn’t somehow spoil the surprise through social media or whatnot.  I got the report back today that it was very well receivedContinue reading “Clamming in Maine”

Figure 1 has a face now

Hooray!  This buff little guy has a face now!  He was the first figure I painted in, you might remember, and I got to his face and made a few attempts at it but didn’t know what direction to take with all their faces.  So I moved on from him.  Now I’ve come back andContinue reading “Figure 1 has a face now”

Figures 5, 6, and 7

I’m still working out a few things with the figure in the back, but she’s close.  The girl in the middle in the blue suit is by far my favorite figure in the bunch.  The little one in purple in front with her dress stretched across her knees is also nice, but I love theContinue reading “Figures 5, 6, and 7”

Figures 2, 3,and 4

I started on these 3 kids today.  They are cousins digging for clams on a beach in Maine.  I feel like it’s a good first pass.  I see the little guy in orange still needs hands.  I’ve decided to turn the heads of most of the kids so it’s less posed and more of aContinue reading “Figures 2, 3,and 4”

Bridge, Maine, Musicians, Sisters

Looks like it’s show and tell day, I may have gotten carried away… This is a painting I started around the same time I did the other Golden Gate Bridge painting, I still haven’t finished it.  It’s almost done, but you will see I have 5 more cars to paint in and the road.  I’ve foundContinue reading “Bridge, Maine, Musicians, Sisters”