Doggie Portrait WIP


First, thank you for all the kind comments on yesterdays’s post of the kids on the Oregon beach!  All much appreciated.

Now, this cute doggie is taking shape.  I’ve only included this close of up of his face because  the person I’m painting it for hasn’t seen any of it and I’d love for her to see it all at once.  I don’t think she reads my blog so I feel fairly safe posting this here…but you never know.  The painting is a landscape painting with a dog in it.  This is the second dog I’ve ever painted.  The first was Josie, my neighbors dog.

Here’s Josie, just for fun.





2 thoughts on “Doggie Portrait WIP

  1. I love Josie! What a sweet painting! 💕💖 Your other dog looks amazing too! I can’t believe this is only your second dog painting! WOWZA! 😍💕🐶

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