Katie Peak WIP


This might look familiar!  But it’s a new little 8×10 that I started tonight.  I blocked in the most basic colors and values.  I like the warm start that it’s off to.  The foothill painting I did for the art auction was square and 8×8 and I thought it would look better on a rectangular canvas so the hills would have a little more breathing room on the edges.  My friend and running partner asked me if I would paint a 2nd Katie Hill for her.  She tried to buy the art auction piece last Saturday but she was bidding by proxy and was outbid.  Which is nice because she drove the price up a bit and made more money for the school.  And I get to paint another one.  It’s called Katie Peak because my friend used to hike in the hills with her kids when they were little and they named this hill “Katie Peak” to motivate little Katie to hike up it.  Little Katie is starting grad school this fall and her mom thought this would make a nice gift.  Very thoughtful and I’m flattered.  I’ll post the finished piece in a few days, I need to patiently wait for it to dry and then give it another pass, or two.

Here are both Katie Peak’s together.  The sky color is bluer in the WIP.


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