Anniversary Portrait

11X14 oil on canvas I finished this sweet couples portrait.  These are my friends parents.  My friend commissioned me to  paint this portrait for her parents for their 50th anniversary.  She loves how it turned out.  Since taking this picture I did a little more work on his hand.  In the photo I was workingContinue reading “Anniversary Portrait”

Another Work in Progress

Here’s another piece I’m working on.  This is a portrait of my friends parents.  She asked me to paint it for them for their anniversary.  My daughter painted the underpainting in oil of yellow ochre/burnt sienna (I think).  She is always dying to help me, she also wrote “Hi Mom” on there.  You can justContinue reading “Another Work in Progress”

Figures 2, 3,and 4

I started on these 3 kids today.  They are cousins digging for clams on a beach in Maine.  I feel like it’s a good first pass.  I see the little guy in orange still needs hands.  I’ve decided to turn the heads of most of the kids so it’s less posed and more of aContinue reading “Figures 2, 3,and 4”

Lots of Stuff Going

  I have a bunch of stuff in the works right now but nothing completely finished to show today.  So I thought I’d show you all this new painting I started and a little about the process that I’ve started using more and more. Scraping back. The first time I tried scraping paint back IContinue reading “Lots of Stuff Going”

Academy Girls

  This is a smallish study. 12X16 oil on canvas Last year as I sat and watched a bunch of girls practice for their end of the year performance I took several pictures of the oldest pre professional academy girls.  The way they were all standing around listening to their ballet instructor caught my attention.Continue reading “Academy Girls”