Runners WIP

I painted in the rest of the figures, the dogs, and plugged in the landscape.  The dogs are 2 beautiful golden retrievers that are brother and sister, and can you see the little vizsla zipping ahead off trail?  That’s Penny, she stayed with us last weekend so we could “try out” a dog and weContinue reading “Runners WIP”

Boise Foothills and Runners

I started on my Foothills and Runners painting today.  This one is already a fun one to paint and I am looking forward to working on it more.  The composition is such that I can feel myself in their space, but then again, I was in their space right behind them taking the picture.  When IContinue reading “Boise Foothills and Runners”

And my next painting

It seems to be a 2 post morning for me.  Yesterday I went running with my group.  The sky was really clear and the hills were green, blue, bumpy, and beautiful.  As I was running along I saw this gorgeous landscape ahead of me and jumped off to the side and let everyone pass and took this photo.Continue reading “And my next painting”

Auction Piece & Marathon Monday!

Done!  Off to be framed today.  I’m so happy with how this little painting came together, it’s simple and sweet, and I hope it will appeal to a parent or two at my daughters school art auction this Saturday.  I’ll let you know how it does! I drove by the peak the other day andContinue reading “Auction Piece & Marathon Monday!”

Northeast Boise Foothills “Almost Spring”

The Boise foothills have my attention right now.  They are changing from the winter wheat color to a beautiful soft green.  Every day they are different.  Many times during the day they have a different feel.  I run out in the hills with my running group.  A few days ago I took my iPhone alongContinue reading “Northeast Boise Foothills “Almost Spring””