The work of Dinosaur-a-day!

Originally posted on Dinosaur-a-Day (or whenever I remember…):
Check out Dinosaur-a-day. I am so in love with this little site. I get a kick out of each dinosaur post. They are all so different and fun, I didn’t know which image to share on my repost. The site is a little enigmatic to me, there’s nothing about the artist and I have noContinue reading “The work of Dinosaur-a-day!”

The Work of Ethan Millward!

On Saturday my son finished his Mammoth painting and asked me if I would feature his work on my blog today.  He was pretty proud of it.  This first painting of his is of our chicken Penny.  I love his chicken paintings,  he painted 3 of our 5 backyard chickens.  This kid can draw waaaaaaaayContinue reading “The Work of Ethan Millward!”