The Work of Ethan Millward!

On Saturday my son finished his Mammoth painting and asked me if I would feature his work on my blog today.  He was pretty proud of it.  This first painting of his is of our chicken Penny.  I love his chicken paintings,  he painted 3 of our 5 backyard chickens.  This kid can draw waaaaaaaay better than I could dream of.  And to think that back in kindergarten we had a silly meeting to determine what we were going to do about his fine motor skills because he couldn’t hold a pencil correctly.IMG_5146-2

And here we have the mammoth scene that he loves.  I love to watch him work, he doesn’t use any reference photos.  Everything comes right out of his head.


Here he is in the studio.  This cool dude will turn 16 later this month.


Another chicken.  This one is named “Fluffy Buffy Cute Cute Eowyn Millward.”  Can you guess who named it?  Not Ethan.


This one is Ethan’s chicken, he named it Henny.  Our chickens are named:  Hennifer, Pennifer, Jennifer, Chipmunk, and Fluffy Buffy.  They are a lot of fun and VERY silly.IMG_5147

Here’s Ethan’s Peregrine Falcon.  Ethan is something of a naturalist.  He’s an expert on many types of animals.


Ethan has been in love with dinosaurs for as long as I can remember.  He has drawn them from all perspectives.  I like the close up dino that looks like it’s looking at you.FullSizeRender-104

For a while he was working on doing illustrations for a book about frogs.  He has done several frog paintings.  This one’s my favorite.


Ethan is building up his portfolio of drawings, cartoons, and acrylic paintings.  His dream is to attend The Art Center in Pasadena.  GO get em Ethan.


29 thoughts on “The Work of Ethan Millward!

  1. Excellent. I love them chickens! Looks like buffs and barred plymouth rocks and what not. They look like mine! That mammoth is very cool as well. Good job kid!

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      1. I have 2 buffs, 1 barred and 5 americaunas. Yup. Mull of personality and lots of fun. I giggle when I see vegetarian eggs at the store cuz my chickens like mice, lizards, bugs…frogs. Certainly not vegetarian.

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  2. Whaaaaaaat! His work is fantastic Jill, you must be so proud! I can’t get over it, especially since he doesn’t use a reference photo. I really wanted to write this whole comment in caps as I’m SO IMPRESSED!

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  3. Backyard chicken art is my favorite! It does in fact look like he has sharpened his motor skills, making the fabulous connection with his creativity and his hand. This is a really sweet post, and you must be pretty proud of him.

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  4. Awesome! Creativity being a weapon to pave way for art. Your son is super talented. Not using reference photos, just outta his head comes BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM his imagination! Smart work kid. God bless

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  5. Jill… neat that your son is carrying on the “creative torch”! I can’t get over that eye on the first chicken and the pose is so expressive. Imaginative painting without a reference is very difficult and he managed to do Mammoths! what a mammoth talent 🙂

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    1. I love that chicken too. She looks so proud. Thank you! He wrote an illustrated book in First Grade called “No Dinos” and it blew us all away. It was a post dino prehistoric animal counting book. I will have to dig it up. His teacher encouraged us to publish it…but life was so so busy back then.

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