Dog Portrait-finished


16X20 oil on canvas

I finished Mr. Cooper today!  You all have seen him already but I will tell you what I changed today before declaring him finished.  Because at this point, adding more will just be more.

Here’s what I did… I added a halo of light on his tail, rump, head and back of legs a bit.  I reworked the side of the rock he’s standing on, adding the palate knife strokes, and the green grassy stuff on the bottom left.  I lightened and softened the top edge of the hill to push it back in space more, and I signed it.  I like the rough palate knife stroke, for me that sort of thing changes it from a blown up photograph in to a painting… art.

They are a little hard to compare because the one photo is a little warmer than the other.  It’s closest in color to the finished one.  But here you can see the changes I made today.


10 thoughts on “Dog Portrait-finished

  1. Looks great! The reworking makes the dog stand out more. Can’t say the same with one painting I’ve been working on since August of 2014 lol. In truth I did take an extended break from it, but each time I went back to it, I noticed something that I didn’t like and then I’d have to redo that part and so on and so on. I’m about 80% done with the current state of it, and I’m not gonna do anything else. I’ll post it up in a day or so, with the previous revisions to show the long process.

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    1. Thank you! I look forward to see your for painting. It’s hard to go back and rework things… There are some paintings I’ve had to move on from and just forget about. But kudos to you for sticking with it!

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  2. I liked that you added the last brush strokes on that rock because it seems to connect him more with the rock (or base) that he is standing on and like you said, it has an “art” stamp on it. Very well done! I bet you are happy 🙂 now onto other paintings! right?

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    1. Thank you Margaret. I am happy with how it turned out, it was a challenging painting for me for a variety of reasons. I learned a lot from it. Yes, I am on to several new things, one that blocked in with acrylics and ready for oil. You are very kind!! And a great artist, I appreciate hearing your feedback!

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