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I have a bunch of stuff in the works right now but nothing completely finished to show today.  So I thought I’d show you all this new painting I started and a little about the process that I’ve started using more and more.

Scraping back.

The first time I tried scraping paint back I was afraid I’d lose everything and make a smeared mess on the canvas.  But with oils when they are wet, that doesn’t happen, or at least it hasn’t happened yet.  I’ve found that I can scrape back my thickish paint (I’ve always used a lot of paint, I like the look of it) and leave behind nice smooth flat color that has lovely blended edges.  I’m careful to clean my palate knife between each scrape.  After scraping off the color I can go back in and build up the painting again.  I focus on areas and build them up using the first hit as a guide.  At first you might feel like you are losing everything, but second time around always comes back better with more depth and nice edges.

Today I started this beach scene.  It’s the same beach as the one I just finished with the 4 kids.  With this one I used a more horizontal 10X20 canvas and left out the kids and raised the horizon line so there is less sky.  I blocked in the initial colors and then scraped back the paint.  Next I’ll build it back up again.

I’m selling this beach scene when it’s done, let me know if you know someone that wants it!

I did this one as a study for a bigger one I’d like to do.  Maybe 24X60″  but I’m thinking I need to paint my beach in Northern California, rather than this beach in Oregon that I’ve never been to.


I also worked on Katie Peak today and hung it on the wall with my friends (my kids and my little baby niece).  This little landscape is getting there.  It’s much like the last little hill painting I did for the auction, but 8X10 instead of 8X8 square.  It’s for my friend that was outbid at the auction.  Win-win.  I think this painting needs one more go at it.  It was hard to do the same thing twice.  Have you ever tried to reproduce one of your own paintings?

Have a great day!!  XOXO


I love this little face.




11 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff Going

  1. loved this little girl 🙂 My mum used to do oil painting and i thought it was easy 😐 but when i tried it, the opposite is was. A lot of patience is needed to blend in your colors. I hope i ever try my hand at it again.

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  2. What a sweet little face! When I get ready to do oil painting, I hope I remember this “paint-scraping” technique. I sometimes do something similar with staining watercolors, so that it’s almost like working on toned paper. It can add a lot of depth. Your beach scene is looking good.

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  3. What kind of camera do you use to photograph your art? I just got a new one for my birthday to use instead of my phone, but the pics don’t look any better to me, so I keep using my phone. Your pictures are really clear and you can even see the texture of the canvas so I’m curious. I want good pictures of my stuff!


    1. I use my iPhone. I also have a Nikon D3300 SLR but I think my phone might actually be better for photographing painting… but I am totally untrained with my camera. Perhaps a tripod would help…??? Help me at least.

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      1. I read that tripods are a must, but for me…meh. Maybe one day but not today. I guess maybe I just need practice. I tell ya, the phone is so convenient.

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  4. Maybe I just need serious practice then. I’m camera backwards. I read that everyone should be using a tripod. Uh…probably not for me.

    Oh paint scraping…I remember the first time I figured out I could do that. It was magical.

    Anyway, your pics look good. Good job.

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  5. I haven’t tried to re-produce a painting though I will “translate” one to another medium. I think that I am too afraid that I’ll be disappointed that I wasn’t able to re-produce a painting that I especially love. I have what I call re-dos but those are paintings that I am not entirely happy with.

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