Soft Flowers

IMG_9314.JPGThank you for the nice comments yesterday.  My phone is glitchy so I haven’t had a chance to respond to some of them.  Your feedback was encouraging.

Here’s today’s flowers.  I’m going to let them dry and then decide what I will do to them next.  I felt like it was a promising and more relaxed start.


7 thoughts on “Soft Flowers

  1. Jill, I honestly love the flowers in the rectangular vase, especially where the green stem color fades at the top of the glass, which I think is brilliant. I also love the variation in the red saturation of the flowers. What I’m not crazy about is your black background (I am an amateur food photographer, and I belong to a critique group whose goal is to help all improve, so I’m giving you a suggestion that I’d pass along in my group – I hope you don’t mind!!). You are so harsh on yourself. I believe in the saying, “Everything I experience contributes to my success.” Try viewing every attempt as a learning opportunity and not a “looser start.” I think your painting is lovely. Kindest wishes!

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    1. Thanks Phillipa, I love that sort of feedback. It’s still a work in progress so I will take a look at that dark space and see what I can do to soften it. You are right, I am hard on myself. That’s always a work in progress too. Thanks again, much appreciated!! Jill

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    2. Now I see, I didn’t mean “loser” start, as in a bad start. I was saying I was feeling loose, the painting was loose and less tight and flowed more freely and easily. I wondered where that came from because sometimes I do feel like a loser but I’d almost never put that in print 😀👍. I try my hardest to be positive with myself but often have a very critical eye for my own work.

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