MacKerricher State Park


A fun and beautiful change of scenery!

MacKerricher State park is just north of Fort Bragg, California.  About 100 north of San Francisco.



A Good Start

IMG_1708.JPGI’ve decided that I need to slow down a little with my plein air paintings.  I feel so rushed to produce a whole painting start to finish in one session, it’s a little overwhelming and I think my paintings look rushed.  So I’m going to try to go back to the same location several times and allow the painting to progress more slowly, and try to develop some of the elements more.  Here’s the start for today’s painting.  I feel like this approach will take the pressure off some.

And I’m trying out a red underpainting.

I run by this tree every time I run down to the greenbelt. 🏃🏃🏃🏃

Time for a New Bouquet

These are the flowers I bought last week to use as a still life.  It was a much fuller bouquet and one by one the flowers have been dying and I have been plucking them out.  Now I’m down to just 3 ranunculus and the greenery.  If I touch the ranunculus the petals fall off.

I’ve painted this bouquet a bunch of different ways.  I mainly use it as inspiration but don’t have much interest in copying exactly.  I’ve put a lot of time and mental energy into a very tight and exacting family portrait commission with 7 kids, so I enjoy painting flowers and not worrying about getting all their petals in the right place.

It’s time to get some different colored flowers.  I’ve done 9 paintings with pink flowers.