Doggie and Driving

IMG_2011What happened to me?  I have been so busy with summer/kid things that I practically forgot that I have a blog!

Here’s a dog portrait that I recently finished.  This is a cute little mini labradoodle named Suki.

We have been really busy here.  Both my boys just got their drivers permits and are now on the open roads learning to drive.  It’s the most terrifying thing I have ever done.  My nerves are a little frazzled.  They have to drive with us for at least 50 hours or 6 months before getting their drivers licenses.



11X14 oil on deep edge canvasIMG_1619

I Spent the morning painting in this meadow in Ketchum.  It was beautiful and cold.  This meadow is right next to the Wood River and a small outlet runs through it.  While I was painting a biker and 2 dogs visited me and then went right down this trail to the water.

Happy birthday weekend to me. (A month late). I had a great time painting and eating in Ketchum and Sun Valley.