img_8893img_8900img_8905Yesterday I painted the apple still life commission.  I also started my 48X36″ painting, which I am in love with.  I think I’ll share it when it’s done.  I’m hoping to work on it a little each day through January.  I want to see if I can complete a big piece in a month without it feeling overwhelming.  I’ll also be painting my 4″ critterscapes.  My hope is to do a big  piece and lots of little pieces each month.  I’ll need to find a different space for my show in December.

The funny little doggie is my sisters Maltipoo (Maltese/Toy poodle mix).  I’ll give it to her for her birthday.  She doesn’t read my blog so I’m safe to say that.  The doggie is blue because my niece dyed it bright blue/green and it faded to this color.  I used thalo blue and green, colors I rarely use.  The thalo green was so unused that it was stuck to the bottom of my paint bin.  I swear that every time I even look at thalo green it gets all over everything in the room.  Same with Prussian blue.




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  1. I have the same problem with thalo green. I rarely use it, but the second I even think about using it it’s on everything! Lovely paintings as always. I’m looking forward to seeing the large work you’re working on.


    1. 😀😀😀That’s funny. Such a bright and messy color. I swear on day I ended up with Prussian blue on my jacket, car seat, tracked around the house, purse, clothes… thanks! I’m also really excited about my big painting. It’s similar to my Ballet 1 painting on my header, but it’s Ballet 3.

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