There are a lot of elk wandering around in the foothills now.  I think they are coming down from higher elevations looking for food.  Although there is a ton of snow down here too. On a side note, we had 3 snow days in a row last week and now church has been cancelled.  Continue reading “Elk”


Rabbit and Rocks

Rabbit and Rocks 5×5″ oil on canvas Here’s my first painting of 2017.  A lucky rabbit!  I think that by the end of the year all these little paintings are going to push me out of my studio. This little canvas was originally a failed lemon 🍋 still life.  For a while you could seeContinue reading “Rabbit and Rocks”

Happy New Year!🎆🎊

Another late night critterscape.  I wait until everyone is in bed to paint.  My kids don’t mind me painting while they are home from school over Christmas vacation, but I’ve found that I can’t concentrate on painting while they are all going different directions.  And then I feel frustrated.  So my solution is to paintContinue reading “Happy New Year!🎆🎊”

Rhino Portrait

  Just for fun.  I’m thinking of painting an animal alphabet.  I painted this pink Black Rhino a few months ago and hung it on the wall to dry and then painted my nephew and hung him to dry and noticed the 2 together.  It made me laugh.  I had to specify that  it’s aContinue reading “Rhino Portrait”