4X5″ oil on canvas

I was talking to a friend the other day about Amy Ringholtz’s work.  As we were looking at some images I commented that she seems confident, and how it even shows in how she signs her paintings.

If you’ve been following me for a bit you have probably read about how unhappy I always am with my signature.  I have figured out something that works with my initials, a simple JM, but my whole name is another matter.   So here’s my Ringholtz inspired signature.  I think it perhaps distracts from the squirrel.  LOL.

This painting reminds me of a woman who lives around the corner who rescues injured squirrels.  And of my old neighbor who used to trap them in his backyard.  It also reminds me of the squirrel that recently stole my dogs Kong toy from the backyard.  We watched the little thief take it to our neighbors yard.  She threw it back over the fence once, but then it disappeared again.


6 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. This squirrel is so cute! Love the details in his or her fur. Reminds me of all those little troubles makers we have at the Nature Center.
    The signature idea is cool too. It’s something different that I think brings more of yourself into your work! Great idea!
    Can’t wait to see more!


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