Brothers and Cezanne

IMG_0433This one is pretty much done.  I say pretty much done because I feel like I still need to take a closer look at the older boy.  But their mom loves it, so I’m in good shape.  I was a little worried about how thick and rough this one was getting.  It has a lot of paint and texture, and not a lot of finesse. But then I compared it with the Cezanne portrait I saw at the Getty Center and felt like it was pretty smooth compared to that.  I don’t compare myself to Cezanne often, or really, ever.  But when I saw his bold choppy brush strokes on this guy’s face, I thought to myself, “well, I guess I can do whatever the heck I want to,”. Cezanne did.  His portrait work is not at all precious.  I will need to find someone I want to have revenge on and paint a Cezannesque portrait of them.  I’m kidding.  But that is what Cezannes friend said of his portraits, that it was like he was taking revenge on his subject for some unseen offense.IMG_0390


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  1. If their Mom loves it, then it must be perfect!! Well Done, Jill and yes, sometimes we all need to be reminded that it is good to produce work that is ‘painterly’ 🙂

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