Plein Air on a warm day

Today was so nice!  It’s warm, not windy, and I enjoyed painting the pretty sky.  In fact, I enjoyed painting the sky so much that in this painting I think it totally out does the land.  I wish it was all sky.  I’ll try that sometime. So what do you think?  I’m trying to paintContinue reading “Plein Air on a warm day”

Remembered Morning Run

11X14″ oil on canvas Yesteterday I went out for a run in the foothills and took a bunch of pictures.  The sky, light, and hills were beautiful.  Today I looked through the photos so I could paint the scene.  I wanted to paint an abstract of just being there so I put away the photosContinue reading “Remembered Morning Run”

Black Cliffs

16X20 oil on canvas I’m still at it with my plein air abstract landscapes.  Today Inwent out and basically did an oil sketch and a start to this painting outside and then came in and finished from my memory of the place.  I’m not sure it’s finished yet.  And I’m hoping it doesn’t look likeContinue reading “Black Cliffs”

Castlerock from Morningside

14X18 oil on canvas Today I went out and did this plein air painting.  I had to brave the wind and ended up painting right out of the back of the car with the canvas laying flat in the back.  My canvas kept blowing away at first.  Note to self- bring along the thing thatContinue reading “Castlerock from Morningside”


Today I took an abstract I had been working on that had lost direction and took it in a new direction and made it into an abstract landscape.  I tried to be loose and to use a lot of paint and vary the direction of brush strokes.  It was a fun exercise to try toContinue reading “Color/landscape/abstract”

Plein air Sage and Foothills

Yesterday was beautiful here in Boise so I went out and painted in the foothills.  But right when I got set up and started I realized that I had forgotten my white paint.  So I decided to see how far I could get without it.  I had Naples yellow, so that helped some.   SoContinue reading “Plein air Sage and Foothills”