Plein air Sage and Foothills


Yesterday was beautiful here in Boise so I went out and painted in the foothills.  But right when I got set up and started I realized that I had forgotten my white paint.  So I decided to see how far I could get without it.  I had Naples yellow, so that helped some.   So I thought I’d show you my sketch in the foothills and the more finished one that I had to drag out of my memory of the foothills yesterday.

24×24″ oil on canvasIMG_9850




3 thoughts on “Plein air Sage and Foothills

  1. Admire your can-do spirit. Sometimes it can be fun to do things like that on purpose, too — to set up a limited palette, even a bizarre one, and see “how far you can get.” Very lovely painting!


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