Castlerock from Morningside


14X18 oil on canvas

Today I went out and did this plein air painting.  I had to brave the wind and ended up painting right out of the back of the car with the canvas laying flat in the back.  My canvas kept blowing away at first.  Note to self- bring along the thing that slides down from the top of the easel to keep the canvas from sailing away.

Castlerock is a well known and beloved landmark for all of us in the east end of Boise.  From where I live it’s .9 miles to the summit.  I know such measurements because I am a runner.  With several GPS devices.  I can tell you how far all sorts of things are from my house.  And I can tell you where the bathrooms and drinking fountains are too.  Just FYI.

This landscape had me a little freaked out, as in I thought it looked ridiculous, until I pulled out my palate knife and scraped back some things and smoothed others.  Now I like it.

My hope is that my paintings won’t all look the same…  but looking at the 3 I’ve done recently, I can see that they are different and represent different things.



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