Homestead Trailhead

IMG_0479I kinda love this one, and you’re not going to hear me say that often.

Today as I was organizing my studio I came across an 11×14″ plein air painting I did last fall.  The painting never really worked and in general fell flat.  So I picked it up and worked on it again today. I still have the big piles of paint on my palate from yesterday’s painting so that’s what I used.  So the colors are similar to yesterday’s painting and I added a few new ones.

Working on nonrepresentational abstracts has been freeing for me, it’s as if a switch has been flipped in my mind and art allowing me to paint beyond what I see, and without getting caught up in matching reality.

Abstract landscapes might be where it’s at for me, at least for a little while.  I look forward to getting outside and doing more plein air work.  The weather is about to be great here, it’s getting green and the trees have colorful blossoms, I’m still waiting on the sun and warm weather.


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