Coolest people ever

I love this picture of my son Sammy with Geoff Krueger (check out his website and find one of his galleries and go buy some his amazing artwork, you won’t regret it) in his studio.  Sammy was taking a studio tour for an out of class art experience required for his art class.  That painting in theContinue reading “Coolest people ever”

Boise Foothills and Runners

I started on my Foothills and Runners painting today.  This one is already a fun one to paint and I am looking forward to working on it more.  The composition is such that I can feel myself in their space, but then again, I was in their space right behind them taking the picture.  When IContinue reading “Boise Foothills and Runners”

Limes Away

12X12 oil on canvas First of all, thank you for the really nice response to my sons work yesterday.  He was happy to read all the nice comments you guys left.  He’s a good kid.  Some things come easy to him and some things he struggles with.  I want to clarify that he takes aContinue reading “Limes Away”

Northeast Boise Foothills “Almost Spring”

The Boise foothills have my attention right now.  They are changing from the winter wheat color to a beautiful soft green.  Every day they are different.  Many times during the day they have a different feel.  I run out in the hills with my running group.  A few days ago I took my iPhone alongContinue reading “Northeast Boise Foothills “Almost Spring””

Spring Boise Foothills WIP

Saturday I started this little guy.  It needs a few more passes at it.  I’m going to work on my patience and spend more than a day on it.  I’m donating this to my daughters school art auction, just as a little silent auction piece.  So I wanted to pick a subject that would appealContinue reading “Spring Boise Foothills WIP”