Spring Boise Foothills WIP


Saturday I started this little guy.  It needs a few more passes at it.  I’m going to work on my patience and spend more than a day on it.  I’m donating this to my daughters school art auction, just as a little silent auction piece.  So I wanted to pick a subject that would appeal to the locals, everyone in Boise loves the foothills.  It’s such a simple subject and composition, the challenge will be creating space and making it interesting.  I’m trying to puzzle out landscapes.  It might take 1,000 paintings and 20 years.

8×8″ oil on canvas


4 thoughts on “Spring Boise Foothills WIP

  1. Hi Jill, I like that you are trying out a “simple” subject in this. Painting simple stuff is often harder than the detailed subjects, am I right? 🙂 I also like your painting of the cars over the Golden Gate bridge. Keep it up, keep it interesting and take care!

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    1. Hi, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, simple is much more difficult for me. Portraits and figures are fairly straight forward because I paint what I see, whereas trying to evoke the feeling through just color and brushstroke using simple shapes is a challenge. After starting this little piece I thought maybe I should sick to bridges and faces. But I like to figure things out.


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