Coolest people ever

I love this picture of my son Sammy with Geoff Krueger (check out his website and find one of his galleries and go buy some his amazing artwork, you won’t regret it) in his studio.  Sammy was taking a studio tour for an out of class art experience required for his art class.  That painting in theContinue reading “Coolest people ever”

Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon

Whenever I just want to paint something, I grab a bunch of little cuties.  You know, the little mandarin oranges.  Are they called Cuties around the world?  I think I like my oil painting better…but this is watercolor #1.  Or really #2 if you count the little Self Portrait I did in 2003.  I see one littleContinue reading “Watercolor Cuties & Oil Cuties & another marathon”