Coolest people ever


I love this picture of my son Sammy with Geoff Krueger (check out his website and find one of his galleries and go buy some his amazing artwork, you won’t regret it) in his studio.  Sammy was taking a studio tour for an out of class art experience required for his art class.  That painting in the background is one of Geoff’s outstanding beach scenes.  I was trying to get Sammy, Geoff, and that painting in my picture here.  It’s in a gallery in Laguna Beach, CA right now.  Geoff shows is work in a bunch of galleries around the country.  Mr. Geoff is the best painter in town (in my opinion).  I have bought 3 amazing paintings from Geoff that I couldn’t love more.  He just did some studies of the California coast and I have claimed them too,  but I hear that I am in competition with his daughter for them!



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