Northeast Boise Foothills “Almost Spring”


The Boise foothills have my attention right now.  They are changing from the winter wheat color to a beautiful soft green.  Every day they are different.  Many times during the day they have a different feel.  I run out in the hills with my running group.  A few days ago I took my iPhone along and took a ton of picture of the hills in the fresh clean morning light.  I will paint one of those.

I took a reference photo for the above painting a few weeks ago.  The hills are much greener now.   This one could be called “Almost Spring.”  If you remember, I’m working on learning landscape painting.  In this one I tried to create a sense of space with front, middle, and back hills.  Hopefully those hills in the back are staying back there and the one in the front feels closer.

I’ll post my other little Foothills painting, the one for the school art auction, on Monday.  It’s almost done.  Just needs to dry before I do one more thing to it.

11X14 oil on canvas




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  1. These are just awesome, Jill! More than one person has recognized the foothills in my PRECIOUS painting! People love those foothills…your work exudes love. I cannot thank you enough…♡♡♡

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