Limes Away


12X12 oil on canvas

First of all, thank you for the really nice response to my sons work yesterday.  He was happy to read all the nice comments you guys left.  He’s a good kid.  Some things come easy to him and some things he struggles with.  I want to clarify that he takes a painting class and works with a really wonderful artist that is teaching him how to lay down the paint, set up composition, grey down areas, and so on and so on.  We are lucky to have such a resource and artistic support.

On to the limes.  I painted this yesterday.  Sketched it all in.  I finished it and just thought, meh.  Today I like it a little more.  I am going to let it dry and then work on it some more.  the green of the limes and shadows are not quite there.  I think I’ll do a little still life of just one lime and see how far I can take it.  And one of a loose sketchy lime.  My style is always torn between this loose brushy expressionist type thing, abstracting the shape and form with gestural strokes, and wanting to go for full on realism.  So I will do both.

I thought I’d share a bit of the dog portrait/landscape that I’m working on.  Boy, it’s been a challenge.  The landscape itself has been fun and is clicking together, but getting the dog to “marry” itself into the composition is giving me the run around.  The piece is different than others I’ve done.  I’ll share more as it comes together.


18X24 oil on canvas

This is another that is starting to come togetherFullSizeRender-107

8X10 oil on canvas

Lots of work in progress.

I completely finished, signed, and delivered the beach scene.  It was well received.


18 thoughts on “Limes Away

  1. You have a good start on the limes. Keep going when you can. If you still don’t like the colors, throw some pimentos in and call them olives! That 18 by 24 looks great! The colors are really really nice. Glad to see painting number 3 is finished. You are busy busy busy! I’ve been slacking getting ready to go camping. It is like Christmas! I’m so excited for the first outing of the season all I could eek out this week is a….wait for it…sunflower. My auto pilot mode.

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  2. Nice paintings! Do you paint every day? I’m just amazed at how many nice paintings you post. I struggle to finish a couple paintings a month.


  3. Love the colors and shadows on your lime painting…..if you notice there is a juxtaposition going on that is eye catching…..the shadows are all linear but the limes are more jumbled….I love that! creates movement. 🙂 I love the subtle colors of your first landscape and then the “wow” color on your second….Jill….you are doing great!

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