Boise Foothills WIP


24X30″ oil on canvas

Here’s a work in progress.  It started out as a surreal thing with an elk head with antlers floating in the sky above the foothills.  I lived with it like that for a few weeks and decided the elk was just too cute with its big eyes and ears.  So I painted it out.  I’m not sure what I was going for, I just know that what I had painted wasn’t it.

So now it’s just about the clouds and the hills.  I’ll keep plugging away at it.  I used so much paint in the sky that it will take at least a week to dry.  That titanium white takes forever to dry, and when you paint it on thick to cover silly antlers… it takes forever and a day.

I applied to be a member of BOSCO (a Boise artists alliance) last week.  There are about 50 memebers and they do an open studio event once a year in the fall and a few other exhibitions throughout the year.  I’ll know May 1st if I’ve been accepted.  Fingers crossed.


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