It’s coming along!


Double Portrait

IMG_9773I have been chasing this kids face all over the place.  Today I just focused on his eyes to try to get them in the right place and to have the right shape.   Not sure why this one has been so tricky, but it has been.  Gratefully he no longer looks like Michael Jackson, that was rough.  Tomorrow I’ll figure out his nose and mouth and then move on to his brother.  And then come back to the skin, again.

The work of Will Humphreys!

IMG_7195The work of Will Humphreys! Check out Will’s cool portraits. He’s an artist, musician, and teacher in the UK. I’ve enjoyed seeing his classical and graphic art style depiction of lots of musicians and well, lots of women. He’s bold with color and form. This portrait of “Lily” caught my eye yesterday, the glazing technique of oil over acrylic makes her glow and come to life. Love the red hair.

Will's Art

Here’s where I’m at so far. First oil layer is on. Last post for this painting until I finish it completely.

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Here we have darling Ruby.  Adorable, sweet, charming, huggy, spunky, quick, funny, smart Ruby.  She’s my cousin Heidi’s little girl, Atti’s little sister.  I painted this portrait from a photo my cousin sent me that was taken at a professional modeling shoot.  They had lights on her and fans and her hair was blowing in the wind.  It was a little hard to paint from such a perfect photo, I don’t know why.  I look forward to FINALLY giving  these two portraits to Heidi.  They have been finished for a while and I have been enjoying their company in my art studio.  I love all the little faces I have on the walls of my studio.

These two are intended to be framed together.

And here they are keeping me company where I paint.  I’m working on a couple of new paintings (not pictured) that I’m excited to show you on Monday.  I need to finish Winter Tree too, I see I put it on my easel.




Baroque Portrait


9X12 oil on canvas

In college I loved studying the art from the Baroque period with the dramatic contrast between light and dark and in general all the drama in the images.  So dark and heavy, and a little scary.  This portrait is a nod to that era.

Last summer my cousin saw the portraits I did of my sisters kids and she liked them so I told her that I would paint her children.  They are really unique and beautiful kids.  My cousin Heidi looks just like me, we both look like our grandfather (I didn’t discover that until I saw a picture of him from when he was in his 20’s), and Heidi’s husband is from South America or Central…sorry Mani, I alway mix up where you are from.  So the kids have an awesome look.  This painting with Atticus emerging from the dark is different than any I have ever done.  Heidi’s a photographer and took a bunch of pictures of Atti and sent them all my way and I picked the one that I thought would make an interesting painting.  She’s artsy so I knew I could do anything.  I had this one photographed but black paint is hard to photograph without the glare.

Here is one of Caravaggio’s less scary paintings.  I LOVE it.  He is my favorite of the Italian Baroque artists.

And here’s a scary one

And another


My Favorite Portrait


9X12 oil on canvas

This is my favorite quirky little portrait.  If you follow me on any of my social media sites you’ll see that it’s my profile picture.  This is silly little Lady Eowyn.  One day she did her hair up in those twisty pink curlers and wore around a pair of costume glasses with no lenses and I could tell she felt pretty awesome.  She looks intense here, but she was just playing.

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