Mendocino CA-work in progress

Here’s a small painting I started yesterday.  12×12.”  When I started it I thought it would be pretty easy but so far it hasn’t been.  Maybe because it’s such a simple composition that the color and strokes and everything needs to stand alone.  I’ll keep at it.  The figure came together easily, I still needContinue reading “Mendocino CA-work in progress”

Natural Bridges Beach, Santa Cruz

I’m nearly done and feel like sharing.  I like the way it’s coming along, the painting was experimental because I’ve never done a painting with so many figures within a landscape.  What I learned from this one is that I want to paint a beach scene with about 50 figures.  I want all the peopleContinue reading “Natural Bridges Beach, Santa Cruz”

Flying Nautilus

16X24 oil on canvas I grew up near the coast in Northern California.  As a kid my dad would go abalone diving in Fort Bragg with his friends and I would play around on the cliffs with my sisters.  It’s a wonder we are still alive.  At the end of the abalone diving day weContinue reading “Flying Nautilus”

Boise Sky After Thunderstorm

30X48″ oil on canvas You know what they say about the weather in Idaho? Wait 15 minutes, it will change.  I learned quickly that Idahoans like to say that.  I’ve been living in Idaho since 2003 and I’m on board with that saying now.  When there’s thunder and lightning, it pours rain, hails, and randomlyContinue reading “Boise Sky After Thunderstorm”

Plein Air Tree

9X12 oil on canvas I painted this plein air style tree shortly after I took the plein air class in the fall.  The leaves on the trees were a little yellower and were starting to fall.  I painted this one in a fast loose style with greens and blues that I love.  I like theContinue reading “Plein Air Tree”


Here we have darling Ruby.  Adorable, sweet, charming, huggy, spunky, quick, funny, smart Ruby.  She’s my cousin Heidi’s little girl, Atti’s little sister.  I painted this portrait from a photo my cousin sent me that was taken at a professional modeling shoot.  They had lights on her and fans and her hair was blowing inContinue reading “Ruby”