Pre Professional


Yesterday I started this new little painting.  It’s 11X14 oil on canvas.  There are 5 dancers altogether in the painting.  One girl is in there twice from 2 different perspectives.  Last year I took some pictures of a group of the oldest pre professional academy girls at Ballet Idaho who were rehearsing for an end of the year performance.  I have been drawing ballet dancers all my life.  I can remember painting girls in toe shoes while I was at church to pass the time.  I also drew rainbows and unicorns.  I was not a dancer.  I was a tortured gymnast.

I also set up an Etsy shop yesterday, soon I’ll have some paintings in there to sell.  My store name is JillMillwardARTWORK.  I’m meeting with a web designer later this week, to set this site up as more of a website than a blog, although I will keep blogging.  I’ll have a link from here to Etsy.  This painting is one I will sell through Etsy.

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