Baroque Portrait


9X12 oil on canvas

In college I loved studying the art from the Baroque period with the dramatic contrast between light and dark and in general all the drama in the images.  So dark and heavy, and a little scary.  This portrait is a nod to that era.

Last summer my cousin saw the portraits I did of my sisters kids and she liked them so I told her that I would paint her children.  They are really unique and beautiful kids.  My cousin Heidi looks just like me, we both look like our grandfather (I didn’t discover that until I saw a picture of him from when he was in his 20’s), and Heidi’s husband is from South America or Central…sorry Mani, I alway mix up where you are from.  So the kids have an awesome look.  This painting with Atticus emerging from the dark is different than any I have ever done.  Heidi’s a photographer and took a bunch of pictures of Atti and sent them all my way and I picked the one that I thought would make an interesting painting.  She’s artsy so I knew I could do anything.  I had this one photographed but black paint is hard to photograph without the glare.

Here is one of Caravaggio’s less scary paintings.  I LOVE it.  He is my favorite of the Italian Baroque artists.

And here’s a scary one

And another


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