Sweet Sixteen


18X24 oil on canvas

A very happy birthday to this really incredible girl!  Miss Danielle, the Millwards love you so much.

This painting is of my dear running partners daughter.  She looks just like her mom.  Running partners are something special, really good matches don’t come along very often and once you find one it’s like magic.  I actually run with a pretty big group of really really incredible women who are smart, fast, funny, kind, and really driven.  I am always inspired by them.  They love me even when I give up at mile 20, I think.  Anywho, my running partner Amanda is pretty special.  Lots of miles of running and talking with her.  We have run a few marathons together, including the Boston Marathon last year in the freezing driving New England rain and wind.  We were so unprepared for that kind of cold and wet but we got through that one together.  Love you Mandy.  She has also been one of my biggest painting fans right along with my sisters.  A few weeks ago she sent me a few photos she had taken of the sunset over the Great Salt Lake in Utah because she thought I might want to paint it.  She included one photo with her daughter in it.  I decided to paint beautiful Danielle with the sunset behind her.  This is new territory for me, I’ve painted some landscapes but not many.  The colors are off in my photo, as always… I decided to pull the perspective back a little to included more of the surroundings around Danielle.  I will need to paint a close up so you can really see her beautiful eyes and face.  Danielle is the most incredible 16 year old girl you will meet and today is her 16th birthday.


This was my process this time.  I use that little measuring thing to make sure proportions are right while drawing.  And I uploaded a picture to my iPad.  The photo was originally in black and white and I colorized it as I painted.


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  1. You AMAZE me Jill. What a beautiful gift and tribute. This picture and your heart make me cry. Thank you for sharing your talent. I am positive there will be more cold and rainy, walk at 20, marathons together in the future! I cannot wait to see where your gifts of art take you in the future….for surely you have vision.

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