Spring Break Day 6: Mendocino Headlands

More from Spring Break 2016.  Mendocino, CA.  Every spring break we make the windy drive form Ukiah to Mendocino.  We play on the beach where the Big River meets the ocean, eat pizza and ice cream at Frankie’s.  Ethan gets a burger and fries from MendoBurger, coolest burger place anywhere, we look in all the windowsContinue reading “Spring Break Day 6: Mendocino Headlands”

Spring Break-Sunday Dinner

Painting my way through Spring Break.  One more about Ukiah!  What’s spring break like for you?  Do you have a favorite place or people you visit?  I’d love to hear your stories/traditions.  We seem to have a spring break routine we follow & this year I took  more pictures than usual so I can paintContinue reading “Spring Break-Sunday Dinner”

Spring Break- Ukiah

Oil on Canvas 8X10 Still chronicling sprig break over here on my little art blog. This has been a mostly fun project for me, and is forcing me to try some things I’ve never done before, for better or worse. This piece I’m posting today is one that I painted last year after Spring Break.Continue reading “Spring Break- Ukiah”